New Street Banners for the Historic Red Fork District

It was cold, but volunteers, Roy Heim and Steve Savage helped MS Design Committee members with hanging our NEW large “Historic Red Fork District” banners. We are so excited about our new banners and looking forward to hanging the remaining 19 along our corridor when the weather permits. Congratulations to Ametek on their new brickContinue reading “New Street Banners for the Historic Red Fork District”

The Mother Road Martini

Rockin & Rollin on Route 66 with The Fabulous Mid Life Crisis Band announces it’s Signature Drink for the event: The Mother Road Martini (featuring Red Fork Distillery’s hand crafted Vodka: Southern Journey, distilled here in Tulsa on Route 66.) February 16, 2018, Tulsa, OK. Tickets:¬† Rockin & Rollin on Route 66 is an EastContinue reading “The Mother Road Martini”